Speaker: Bart Steever

Luke 14:1-24

It is interesting that Parties can be stress-filled affairs.  Numerous websites, both funny and serious, give help as to how to avoid the minefield of party tensions and stress caused by people who do or say the wrong or inappropriate thing at a party.  In Luke there are 10 recorded occasions of Jesus having dinner with someone – attending parties. I spoke last week as to how Jesus was a popular guest among “sinful” people.  He was fun, he was loving, accepting, life changing.  These “sinful” people were embracing him – or wanted to.  But, Jesus would conduct himself in a much different way if the host was an adversary of Jesus.  Yeah, his sworn enemies would invite him to dinners with the hope of trapping him in something – setting minefields everywhere that they hoped he would step on and discredit himself.  When that was the case, Jesus wasn’t a polite guest. He broke every rule of etiquette as to discussing sensitive subjects and injecting a lot of tension into the gathering.  He told them a lot of things they didn’t want to hear, but desperately needed to hear.  Luke 14 records one such awkward dinner party.

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