Giving Is Life Changing

For many of us, giving is not natural. Sure, we gladly pitch in a few bucks to the disaster relief fund or Santa’s kettle around the holidays. But to give regularly and significantly is challenging.

However, when we surrender our lives to Jesus and become His disciple (follower) we undergo a life change. We begin to understand that God is the giver of all good gifts. He gives us life. He gives us talents and opportunity. He gives us freedom and forgiveness through the Cross.

God gave first, and gave best. When we grasp that truth we cannot help but be changed. Our outlook on life, and stuff, changes. Every mile we walk with Jesus we become more cheerful and generous, like Him. We make the leap of faith to tithe (i.e. give a “tenth”) and trust God to provide.

Then something even more amazing happens: this change in us leads to change in others. Our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers experience God’s power and love through the Parkside ministry. Orphans and widows, both here and abroad, have their physical needs met. The homeless, both here and abroad, get food and clothing. The hopeless, both here and abroad, hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

All this is made possible through your faithful and generous giving. You make a difference!

Ways to Give

Give Online

ComputerIf you like the ease and convenience of online shopping you’ll love Parkside’s secure online giving. It’s flexible…you can set up recurring donations based on your tithing schedule or just make a one-time gift. Plus, you have the flexibility to pay by credit, debit, or e-check (ACH) withdrawal. Simply click on the link below to get started:

Click Here for Vanco Secure Giving


If you’re one of the millions of people who live on your smartphone, then Give-by-Text is for you. And just like online giving you can set up recurring donations or give a one-time gift. Simply text your desired dollar amount to 513-285-6583 and follow the instructions. Done!

Give by text message instructions

Give-by-QR Code

QR codeThe ultimate in convenience. Use the QR Reader on your smart phone to go directly to the Parkside Secure Giving mobile site. With just a few thumb clicks you’ll have your donation completed. And just like Online and Text giving you can use the QR function to make recurring or one-time donations. So fast and easy your coffee will still be too hot to drink.

Online Banking

Online banking is a great way to set up scheduled giving. Many people use this method to pay our bills on time, so it’s also an easy way to schedule giving our “first fruits” back to God. When using online banking be sure to note any designations in the memo section and mail to:

Parkside Christian Church
6986 Salem Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230

Personal Check

For many, taking the time to personally write a check to Parkside is a powerful worship moment. We sincerely appreciate your faithfulness. For those who prefer this method, simply drop your check in the offering plate or mail it to the address above. Note any designations in the memo section of the check. An offering envelope is not necessary—for added privacy simply fold it in half.


If writing a personal check is an act of worship, then taking the time to draw cash from the bank takes it up another level. Again, we are grateful for your donation and your faithfulness. Please be sure to seal your cash donation in an offering envelope and note your contact information so we can credit the donation to your Giving Statement. Drop your envelope in the offering plate, never send by mail.

How can I know my money is being used properly?

Great question. There’s a “churchy” word out there you may hear occasionally: “stewardship”. It basically means having financial integrity. Here at Parkside we take stewardship very seriously. We truly believe God owns everything and blesses His children with good gifts (like money!). We respect the fact that you work hard to earn every penny and put your trust in us to spend it wisely.

So we appoint a group of godly, responsible, Parkside Partners to serve on our Finance Team, managing our resources to squeeze out every bit of value we can for God’s Kingdom. The Finance Team and staff are accountable to the Elders. At the end of every quarter we publish our financial results to the congregation. Every spring the staff and ministry leaders develop a budget for the upcoming fiscal year (July to June), then we take it before the congregation for approval. Last, we have a CPA review our financials for the prior fiscal year to ensure accuracy and integrity.

We do all this to make sure your tithes and offerings are given the honor and respect God desires.